Talbot Bible Stoles

Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York City

The Talbot Bible Stoles represent each of the liturgical seasons and dramatize their major themes. The four pairs of Unweavings consist of two panels each, falling over the edge of the pulpit to a length of approximately 42” An additional 15” of fabric rests under the distinctive Bible on the pulpit.

The form of the stoles, consistent from season to season, refers to a wing shape, evoking the spirit, strength, and sheltering arms of God, as well as the form of traditional prayer vestments. From the space between the panels a beautiful metalwork Celtic cross emerges. The panels and loosened threads allude to falling waters and the baptismal font.

Hebrew, Greek, and English calligraphy augment the formal and pictographic narratives in the stoles. Their intermingling emphasizes the historical roots of the theological concepts. The texts incorporated in the stoles are intended to focus congregants on the main themes of each liturgical season.

Colors are representative of the seasons and festivals of the church.  Green signifies Ordinary Time. Purple is used for Advent and Lent. Red is used for Pentecost, Reformation Sunday, and Good Friday. White signifies Easter and Christmas.

Talbot Bible Stoles - Sanctuary Ordinary Time
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